Accompanying program

Here you'll find an overview of the accompanying events for our digital Conference. The list of events will be updated continuously

Online Escape Game (Friday May 14th)

Together with the experienced specialist from ePlayces we would like to invite you to the online Escape Game "Curfew" on the evening of the congress festivities.

We will play an interactive and challenging Escape Game in small groups, in which a mysterious incident occurs at a writing retreat with seven members of the division of Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapie.

The game will start right after the awards presentations and acknowledgements at approximately 7.30 p.m.

To REGISTER and for a brief background story, click here

Please register for the event by May 7th.

Festivities - Friday May 14th (preliminary timetable)

Time Agenda Verantwortliche
18:30 - 18:45 Reception Georg W. Alpers
18:45 - 19:15 Acknowledgements, award ceremony Silvia Schneider, Division, JuMi's
19:30 - 21:30 Escape Game Congress team, ePlayces
21:30 - Open End Networking in themed Zoom rooms  Congress team

We suggest: Authentic"Monnemer"dinner 

As planned for the congress dinner at our in-person conference in 2020, we would like to provide a vegan/vegetarian as well as climate-friendly recipe suggestion for the evening of festivities on May 14th.

This recipe underlines the international character of Mannheim and presents an authentic "Monnemer" dish, which can be well prepared and eaten at any time of the day or night and at best before our social event.

Enjoy your meal!

And for drinks:

Wine tasting - Thursday May 13th

Traditionally, after the general meeting of the division (16:45 - 18:30), we go to a pub together to further exchange ideas in a pleasant atmosphere. We do not want you to miss out on this collegial exchange. Therefore after the meeting, we would like to take you on a virtual trip to a winery to try a wine from our region, give you a chance to socialize and finish the evening together.
The wine tasting starts at 6:45 p.m. and will be approx. 45 minutes. The local winery "Jürgen Heußler", will present a selected wine and a special grape juice and discuss their features. 

The presentation will be held in german!

JOIN THE WINE TASTING HERE or write an email to symposium2021 [at]