Information on the submission of contributions

If you have already submitted a contribution in 2020, please read the instructions for new submissions and resubmission thoroughly.

General information 

Information on the submission of papers for the 38th Symposium of the Division of Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy of the German Society of Psychology can be found here. Please note that contributions that do not fit the thematic orientation of this conference may not be considered.

Please read the instructions on the submissions carefully. Please also note that submission is only possible if a user account has been created and you have registered for the conference. In the final conference program, only contributions by authors who are registered for the conference and who have paid the participation fee no later than two weeks after acceptance of the contribution can be considered.

Length of contributions: The maximum number of characters possible for the submission of contributions (e.g. 2000 for a poster) always includes spaces.

If you have any questions regarding the submission of papers, please contact the Organizing Committee:

Possibilities for submission of contributions


A symposium lasts 60 minutes and includes various lectures on a specific field of research. A symposium consists of a minimum of four and a maximum of five papers. A maximum of two contributions from the same institution/working group may be made in one symposium, as well as one contribution per speaker.

!!!Please note that the chair of the symposium is responsible for the submission of all individual contributions!!! In order to make the submissionas easy as possible for you, we provide you the following template in advance. The template lists all the information you will need during the submission process including the data of the authors as well as the title and the abstracts of the individual contributions for the symposium. In order to facilitate the submission process you can send this template to your colleagues and ask them to fill it in.

Proposals for symposia will be accepted until 02/28/2021

The submission of a symposium consists of two steps: First, the chairperson of the symposium submits a general abstract (max. 1000 characters). This includes a short summary of the topic and the corresponding individual contributions. In addition, the title of each individual contribution and the name of the first author need to be included. In the second step, the chair of the symposium also submits the abstract of each contribution (max. 2000 characters). The abstracts for the contributions as well as the abstract of the mantle can be written in German or English (please use the same language within one symposium). The language in which the contributions are submitted should also be the presentation language. Information on the acceptance of symposia can be expected by the end of march 2021 Please note that individual authors must also have registered and paid their participation fees by no later than two weeks after acceptance of the symposium.


Registration of poster contributions is possible until 02/28/2021 For this purpose, the submission of an abstract (max. 2000 characters) is required. The poster format is A0 (portait). During the digital conference, the posters will be available for viewing and discussion on our virtual platform. Information on the acceptance of individual posters can be expected by the end of march 2021. Please note that the participation fee must be paid no later than two weeks after acceptance of the poster.


Please note:

1. If your symposium cannot be accepted due to limited time slots, we are happy to offer you the opportunity to present the submitted papers in poster form. If this option is not an option for you, please inform us in advance via email.

2. Please make sure that there is a space between p-values and or the following characters : "<" ">", otherwise the contribution will not be saved correctly.

3. Please also note that the review process can only consider submissions from people who have already registered for the conference.