Step-By-Step: Poster Upload

We are pleased to inform you that your poster has been accepted for the 38. Symposium of the Division of Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy of the DGPs

As the next step, we would like to invite you to upload your poster as a PDF DIN-A0 landscape (max. 10MB) latest until April 26th 2021. To upload your poster, please proceed as described.

  1. Log in on the conference website with the access data you used for submitting the abstract. We will send you your username again in the accompanying mail.

  2. Navigate to the section "Paper submission" and select "View submitted papers/sessions" (marked yellow).

  3. Select "Actions" on your accepted contribution and select the "Upload or edit presentation" tab.

  4. Now you are ready to upload your poster as a PDF (10MB). For an ideal appearance, the PDF should meet the following criteria:
    • DIN A0, Landscape
    • No interactive content
    • No forms
    • No videos
    • No navigation
    • No blend mode
    • No patterns and gradients
    • No ICC color profiles
    • As vector document
    • Primarily only text, images (only embedded as JPEG, GIF or PNG), tables, lists
    • All pages have the same format and size
    • All fonts fully embedded
    • No protected fonts
    • No double pages
    • No encryption or password protection
    • The document is saved as PDF/A file format

Optional: After uploading the poster as PDF, you will also have the possibility to upload an audio track to present your poster. For this you will receive another message from us in the coming days with a personalized link for the upload and further explanations.